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 Shining VI / Klagopsalmer

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PostSubject: Shining VI / Klagopsalmer   Sun 2 Aug - 20:56

ORIGIN : Sweden
Album : VI/Klagopsalmer CD 2009
Label : Osmose Productions

I used to like the first recordings of this band. I think the 3 first albums had a certain style and some interesting parts. When, I first listened to this album, I had the feeling to listen a different band. Should be normal since the line-up completely changed. The production is well polished and well done, there is nothing bad to say about this. The rest was much more surprising.
Shining have said farewell to their Black Metal roots. The band sound as a mixture of modern metal genres. It seems that all songs were composed five minutes before in studio. There is no coherence at all in the song structures. Musically, it is difficult to define their music, a kind of mix of hard core with EMO music with grotesque and ridiculous vocals. Sometimes the singer try to sing like Dead but miserably fail. Sometimes, you can hear also some uninspired solos.
Well, this album was done in a hurry, we can easily feel it. Only labels like Season of Mist will accept to sign this band now. Avoid!

Note : 1/20
Review by Noktu
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PostSubject: Re: Shining VI / Klagopsalmer   Tue 4 Aug - 18:54

Very good review.
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Shining VI / Klagopsalmer
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