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 CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine

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Lusitanian Lynx

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PostSubject: CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine   Tue 22 Sep - 16:02

Taken from Melita Webzine :

Hail Noktu, could you please start by telling us something about the history of the band, and are you currently working on any releases or gigs?

Noktu: Celestia was created almost ten years ago, we released many demos/ EPs and CDs, we did some concerts, etcÖ Everything a band is supposed to do in ten years of existence. Nowadays, I am working on a complete restructuring of the band. The line-up will certainly change and I plan to record one CD with new versions reworked of Ďclassicí Celestia songs. I want to go back in the musical past of the band and correct some mistakes we did with previous members. I think that some songs will sound better with the actual line-up, so thatís for this reason that I need to re-record everything before releasing our real second album.

You also have other bands which are currently active, notably Mortifera and Genocide Kommando (correct me if there are more). How do you find time to produce material for all projects, and how are you able to keep them apart stylistically?

Yes, I am working with several bands, Mortifera is still active and we intend to release a second album during 2005. Genocide Kommando is completely dead and buried now, it was just a studio project and I donít want to repeat this boring experience again.

Itís indeed difficult to find the time to work on all these projects coz I am very busy with my main activity: Drakkar Productions. But when I have free time, I feel the need to create music.

I think that itís quite easy to keep apart the concepts of all these projects. Mostly because I am working with different musicians. I hope to have the chance to work with and help out some bands I appreciate in the future. Itís really a good experience to travel, meet people and record one album with them. That will hopefully happen in the future since I am supposed to join one US cult horde. Letís see what will happen.

One reviewer whose work I read described Celestia as Ďa more melodic form of Darkthroneí. Do you agree? Do you think there is still place for innovation in the current extreme metal scene, and if yes, would this innovation be drawn from non-metal genres (such as Aborym)?

Celestia is Black Metal. Darkthrone too. Maybe a comparison is possible. I quit listening to Darkthrone since 1995, exactly when I started Celestia so I donít think that we were influenced by Darkthrone or any other bands. Thereís still a place for innovation in Black Metal. Try listening to the new albums of Peste Noire and Vrolok and you will see that Black Metal still has many things to say.

Much of your imagery and song titles (The Fragrance Of The Dead Rose, etc) are references to death, romance, and sexuality joined together, what is the appeal of this thing for you? Itís not a commonplace thing to find black metal that is lyrically about emotions of love- maybe you use this topic to illustrate loveís potential decay and perversion?

The Celestia concept taken from the album ĎApparitiaí is more complex than the illusive images the eventual listener is able to perceive. You have to look deeper into these images to be able to capture the emotions Iíve tried to express. I want people to be able to go back in a decayed unknown perception of their minds. Celestia is just a support that will lead them to a gate where they will have to find a certain key to be able to evaluate their perceptions. Maybe they will never find the right key and they will never be able to understand anything. This is maybe what I want. I donít know in fact coz everything is clear for me and I donít want to make a definition of music and concept. All has to be individually interpreted.

What is your view on tape-trading and mp3 music formats- are they beneficial or harmful to underground bands?

Regarding the huge amount of very bad releases, I think that itís normal to burn CD-Rs in order to avoid the purchase of shitty releases. Personally I always try to get originals releases when itís possible but I can understand people who need to listen to music and are not able to pay for every CDs/ LPs. I think that if your album is good and if your visual is good too, your album will sell. If you play shitty music and if you release albums on shitty labels, thatís normal if your music is bootlegged. The good thing is if piracy destroys shitty labels who produce shitty bands. Everyone will be able to agree with me on this point that thereís too many bands/ labels nowadays. Quality and music are becoming something precious and hard to find.

Are Celestia to be considered a Black Legions band? On a side note, can you tell who of the members is still playing music now, apart from Mutiilation and Amaka Hahina?

No, Celestia has nothing to do with the Black legions circle. Vermeth is the very last Black Legions project still in activity. Mutiilation was kicked out of the Black legions back in 1996. Willy claims himself to not be member of that circle.

What are your personal spiritual beliefs, do you think there is another existence after death?

No, I think that Death is the ultimate point for humans. Thereís no hope in terms of resurrection or things like that. I also hope that I will not be resurrected coz I donít want to live another life in another corpse in 50 years. I donít think that the life in 50 years will be better so, itís better not to expect anything regarding religious theories.

Together with the Polish scene, France has long been known as having one of the most Ďtrueí, regressive black metal scenes worldwide. What are your views on this, and in your opinion, what new bands from this country are worthy of carrying the torch?

They are few, many bands are imposters and they pretend to play Black Metal just because that music is trendy. Very few bands are able to bring the real Black Metal essence in France. The best Black Metal bands in France still in activity in December 2004 are: Vermeth, Peste Noire, Gestapo 666 and few others. We have many bands like Nehemah who are totally shitty and dishonest. All bands from Adipocere/ Oaken Shield are just piece of shit!

Was there any one person who encouraged you to start playing the music you are now, and do you have any particular source of inspiration (whatever or whoever that may be)?

I started to play Death/ Thrash Metal at the end of the 80ís. Then more evil slow BM in Ď91/ Ď92 (in the vein of Beherit/ Bestial Summoning), then I created a band in the vein of Darkthrone in Ď94. Then Celestia started in 1995 and I was able to create a much mature music.

Are you concerned about this planetís ecology? Do you support ecofascism and ecoterrorism?

I appreciate nature and quiet places, so if I will have to choose between the destruction of humanity or nature, I will certainly choose to destroy humanity in order to protect nature. Neither ecofascism or ecoterrorism are able to bring an equilibrium on that rotten world. All is condemned to perish!

If, for example, Celestia were commissioned by some company to do music for a film or otherwise, would you accept- or would it make you lose your motivation? Many people cite the once great Ulver as a clear example of this.

No, I will refuse coz the Celestia concept is too strong to be mixed with a film that will have a different scenario. Plus Black Metal is not supposed to be a soundtrack for a movie. Maybe it will be interesting to work on the music of a film but not under the name of Celestia.

Thanks, thatís all. Please give any info that you think has been left out, and also tell the readers how to obtain any of your releases.

Thanks to you for the interview and sorry for my delay of answering.

Our releases are available at http://www.drakkarproductions.com.

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Drakkar Gestapo

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PostSubject: Re: CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine   Tue 22 Sep - 16:25

From which year was this interview?
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Lusitanian Lynx

Number of posts : 149
Age : 32
Localisation : England
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PostSubject: Re: CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine   Tue 22 Sep - 16:37

Year 2004.
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PostSubject: Re: CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine   Tue 22 Sep - 19:36

I'm tired to see interviews of Celestia. Remember that other bands inties can be posted as well. Same for reviews. Do not hesitate.
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PostSubject: Re: CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine   

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CELESTIA Interview - Melita Webzine
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