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PostSubject: FAMINE s/t   Mon 18 Apr - 5:31

This review was written Blaash of Where's My Skin Zine / Bahimiron, originally published in Issue 9. I'm posting it here to coincide with the release of the remastered version released this week:

DEAMONIC Possession is what, quite blatantly assaults the ears - This shit is so far gone sick and feverish, I cannot recommend strongly enough for those deadly serious about the dark arts, and how/if music/can/will approach summoning things/thoughts from the very great and probably very, very unhappy beyond.

The "music", if that is what you want to call it, is mid to quick blackened metal, with acoustic guitars (end of Dajjal for instance) to other disturbing implementations of violins and piano (in "Liber..")óNot to mention the sickened feel of creaking guitar work (beginning of Enter the Temple). All of this material reminds me of the constant buzzing during the demonic activity during certain horror movies - a constant buzz, that drowns out conscious thoughts and allows the thoughts of other entities in - probably to do a whole fuggin' lot of really, really bloody things.

That is this release.

The vocals hiss inside and outside of the brain, with all kinds of spoken tongues that probably will cause some form of cancer, be it spiritual or physical. (What, a little cancer never killed anyone right? Heh)... There is also an excellent video, of original sickened black art on the (worthlessendeavors) site (http://www.vimeo.com/10933905), and Mr. W. (in charge of all instruments, vodka and punching mirrors that look at him funny) also conjures art for certain bands at certain times.

One last bit of note 1 would like to add - I have seen (internet) warriors exchange barbs and threats with Mr. VV. and I would seriously, seriously recommend against meeting this person in any form if you think you have a problem with him, unless you have a firearms, or if you're a police officer, and even then, I suggest you bring a large amount of men with truncheons, tazers, lead pipes and firearms., as well. Why for say you? Is mr. blaash scared of this fellow? Scared Hm. Would 1 be weary of him if he were not a strong ally of mine. Perhaps. If he were an enemy? Then I most assuredly would need to employ a sniper heh, coz one on one confrontation with a fuggin' insane, (106kg), six foot berzerker who has no regard for his own personal survival, yeah, that's something I would not probably be keen on enduring. Once this spreads I am positive it will destroy 99% of the material that passes for violent spiritual black metal., this will give other orthodox bands a severe kick in the rear, because rather then praising Him and doing His will, and cleaning His car, this is 'summoning* and * controlling* things that go bump, clunk, crack, slither in the night and concentrating these things at others.
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