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Drakkar Productions Statement about Lucifugum.

Drakkar Productions released one album of Lucifugum called "Stigma Egoism". We do believe that the band was satisfied by our job since he offered us to release another album called"Vector 33". We signed one agreement where the band was supposed to get the studio cost wired directly to their bank account in march 2005. (1020 was the total cost of their recording). This amount of money was wired in march 2005 on the band account and the band started to record their album. 6 weeks after, before the end of may. Drakkar Productions received the elements about this album. First of all, we were very unsatisfied by the quality of this album. Seems that since the previous Lucifugum member left the band, the quality of their music decreased. The band pretend this band member is dead but we have all the reasons to think it's just a lie in order to increase their "cult status".
We then, informed the band that their album will be printed as soon as it'll be possible for us. We were expecting having this album during summer 2005. Then, the band told us they wanted to have the album in June. We answered them telling them that it was just a bit too short delay since our pressing plant is taking at least 4 weeks to deliver us the cds and we told them that the album will be available during summer. They told us that they wanted to cancel the deal and release the album themselves. We agreed on this and we requested them to send our money back as soon as it will be possible for them. In october 2005, we were still waiting and their album was already available since they printed this album with our money. I contacted the band and I asked them the status of our refund plan. They answered us pretenting we were jews coz we wanted our money back.
Today, Lucifugum/Propaganda published a fake statement about this situation and Drakkar Productions has not received back our investment. The Vector 33 album has been printed by them and was widely distributed.
We consider that we are still the owner of the copyright of this album since we paid for this recording and we have a signed contract of the band. That's why we will print a very limited edition of this album in order to get back our investment.
I noticed that several labels has to face similar problems with Mr.Igor. I will not give any conclusion about his attitude. People will judge by themselves. I just would like to warn people in case they'll have to deal with this person in the future. Be prudent.

Noktu on behalf of Drakkar Productions.

Down here the statement of Dark Horizon records who also faced difficulties with Lucifugum.

Dark Horizon Records Statement about Lucifugum / Propaganda.
If you know Igor of Lucifugum personally or through email then you know he is quite the pessimist. He hates everyone and everything.
He is truly satanic, in which he supports his own agenda by using others to accomplish his goals.
Yet he is also very quick to lash out at others if they seem to not answer as his beckoning call... He enjoys shit talking others
even when there is no merit behind his hypocritical statements. Dark Horizon Records has done nothing but support
Lucifugum from the beginning. We have released the "Instict Prevelance" CD and TS for him, and Dark Horizon Records was
given great praise for our honest and true "Poisonous" activities spreading the message of Lucifugum and Propaganda.
So we decided to work once again with Igor/Lucifugum by being an official distributor for many of the Propaganda releases.
So Dark Horizon Records has worked with Lucifugum for many years without any problems. Until lately....
Igor sent 100 "Vector 33" CD's to Dark Horizon Records on consignment. He told us to sell the CD's and then send the money when they are sold.
We still have in our possession many of the CD's and they did not sell as fast as he would like. So he went crazy and began talking shit
towards Dark Horizon Records. He has done this to many other respectable people in the underground.
He is a impatient fucking bastard. To solve the problem we did in fact send him many CD's in trade as well as $400 US Dollars Cash,
which he has admitted getting and we have receipts that prove it! So the problem in my opinion is solved. What he says about us from now on is
pure and simple Bullshit. Dark Horizon Records has been in existance for 9 years and is well respected in the satanic
metal underground. Ask around, anyone that knows us should and will tell you the same. We always send our trades
and we always pay our debts. Igor stated one opinion and then turned right around and changed his mind and
started talking shit. A typical cenario in the underground. But this is completely surprising, since we have worked with
Lucifugum for many years. Once again our dedication to the Underground Satanic Metal Movement and our undying perseverance should be the
proof to keep one from doubting our sincerity what so ever. I actually find this situation to be quite ludicrous, all this shit talking coming from Igor and
Propaganda, his label openly promotes and released a Dark Horizon Records band on Cassette a short time ago. Just weeks ago
I received emails of praise for the success of the TYPHUS cassette Igor supported and released on Propaganda Records. This should be the
poof in itself that Igor has some problems with his opinions and belief system. Dark Horizon Records still supports
LUCIFUGUM and stands behind the merit of our release for them. Even if the guy is a fucking insane asshole!
But people beware, Igor, Lucifugum, and Propaganda Records will be very quick to shit talk anyone at any time even if
they have done business with you for years.... Be Warned!!!!!!!!!

In Darkness Eternal,
Lord Typhus

Dark Horizon Records
6435 West Jefferson Blvd #666
Fort Wayne, IN 46804 USA

Phone: 260-422-3268
Fax: 260-432-8834
Orders: darkhorizon666@hotmail.com
Website: www.darkhorizon666.com

PS : Feel free to copy/paste this statement and spead it on metal forums.
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Total boycott to lucifugum and propaganda!!!!!!!! Fuck them!!!!!!!!

"A People Who Are Not Convinced Of Their Uniqueness And Value Will Perish" (David Lane)
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