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PostSubject: rrg   Sat 11 Aug - 16:39


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PostSubject: Re: rrg   Fri 24 Aug - 11:14

Laziness? Hrhr - I have a job and I am working from 7 to 6. The new vinyls are finally out and within the next two weeks I can concentrate more on the Hellpike stuff. No lame excuse, but a fact...
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PostSubject: Re: rrg   Sat 25 Aug - 14:41


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PostSubject: Re: rrg   Mon 27 Aug - 20:40

J. wrote:
Is Mr Freiberger a rip off cunt? I've paid him with paypal (I've received their confirmation) since april or may for the 5 latest Hellpike (16 inclusive) and I don't received anything. Among the tones of mail I've sent him (again now!), he replies me almost never!! The last reply from him date from 7th june. He said that he was very busy with his label but hey, it's not such difficult to send 4 zines !! (as the #16 is not released again, we agreed upon he send it me later...). What the problem ?He is very busy with "kneel before the master's throne" but he have time to go log in on his shitty myspace account !?! I know I'm not alone in this case for the moment...maybe it's a problem of huge lazyness...


In my opinion, he's a trustworthy guy!!! So please be more patient, I understand his situation as I also have a small label...
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PostSubject: Re: rrg   Sun 10 Feb - 10:40

Dennis of KNEEL BEFORE THE MASTER'S THRONE is 666% serious. All hails to him and his hard work! But as Leslie said, it is sometimes very hard to run such a label so sometimes there may be some delays, which are always isolated cases. I'm sure everything is solved now as this topic is rather old! But just felt like hailing Dennis' work with his great label hehe! By the way the "K.A.O.S." LP by the fukked up godz SADISTIK EXEKUTION is a must have!
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PostSubject: Re: rrg   Sun 10 Feb - 16:20

Yes, the problem has been solved for two months now. We have found an arrangement.
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PostSubject: Re: rrg   

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