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 guitar sound

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PostSubject: guitar sound   Fri 11 Jan - 20:30

What material do you use to produce the rawest and dirtiest sound?

Which kind of saturation/effect do you prefer?
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PostSubject: Re: guitar sound   Thu 17 Jan - 15:11

(I suddenly have too much time on my hands...)

For rehearsals I use a ProCo Rat into whatever amp I have available on whatever settings seem right at the time. The amp is typically a 120-watt Peavey tube amp or a Marshall half-stack (I don't own the half-stack, though; I hate Marshall amps). I use a handful of effects pedals, depending. Recording is a different story, however.

Standard "Void" recording set-up:

Incredibly cheap guitar -- ProCo Rat -- MXR 10-Band EQ -- MXR Distortion+ -- Electro-Harmonix Big Muff USA -- Roland reverb rack -- Behringer mixing board.

Various stompboxes were included between the distortion pedals, and on leads there were usually about 10 different effects pedals in use at once.

Vrolok's rhythm guitars almost always have two distortion pedals into the reverb rack and a mixing board, and I very rarely use an amp. If I do, I always try to use two. I use four microphones at once for the amp set-up- a Shure SM57 and SM58 in the front, and two generic microphones in the back of the cab. The SM58 is used for whatever amp is intended to put out the most low end. I sometimes use an MXR Smart Gate, but it's rare.


For Interfektor's first demo it was:

Jackson guitar -- Ibanez Tubescreamer -- Boss Heavy Metal (precursor to the dreaded Metal Zone) -- split into two separate cheap Peavey 20-watt amps (volume turned up the entire way, all EQ at 50%, no gain).

The second Interfektor demo used the exact same set-up as the Void album, minus the Big Muff, without any effects pedals, and with a wildly different EQ. I have no recollection as to what guitar I used, but it was more than likely a borrowed ESP.


The new Interfektor recording:

Schecter guitar -- Boss DS-2 -- Boss Heavy Metal pedal -- split into a 120-watt Peavey tube amp (with the volume at 75%, EQ and gain at 50%) and a 20-watt Peavey practice amp (volume at 100%, low at 100%, mid at 0%, high at 50%, gain around 75%).

All Interfektor bass recordings are performed on the 20-watt Peavey guitar amp (low at 0%, mid at 100%, high at 0%) placed inside a closet. I use a very, very cheap Ibanez bass and an even cheaper Ibanez distortion pedal. The Shure SM57 is placed directly in front of the amp, with two cheap microphones duct taped to the walls of the closet towards the top.

I NEVER use compression.
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PostSubject: Re: guitar sound   Thu 21 Feb - 22:12

hm. I just use a fender mini-amp. the distortion is amazing, from there i just hook it into a stereo and into a amp.
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PostSubject: Re: guitar sound   Wed 1 Apr - 2:22

for recordings, i used an old Zoom pedal for heavy distorsion direct-to-input into my interface. Now i'm more into Guitar Rig, which allows more settings. I tried the cabinet mic recording but i wasn't satisfied...

For rehearsal, I use a digitech distorsion on my bass
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PostSubject: Re: guitar sound   

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guitar sound
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