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 About rip-off problems

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Mr Nuke
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PostSubject: About rip-off problems   Sun 27 Jul - 23:48

Nor Noktu nor me can spend our time verifying the honesty of everyone here. But :

Keep these rules in mind :

- if you deal with people with no good references here or on other boards you know, please ask for references and cross them with others to be sure, I was ripped off a few months ago because I didn't took this simple precaution ;

- beware of first time posters that vanish a few days or weeks after their deals are done ;

- if you've been ripped-off, expose them !

However, I'll give parole to both parties before making any decision.

Of course, if this information is verified by serious sources on my side, or if there's several problems reported, I'll deny access to the trading section to these rip-off persons, block them PM box if possible and close their threads with a warning to other people, or I'll even ban them, not before having recorded their e-mail address...

Scrutare et vide quia propheta a Galilaea non surgit!
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About rip-off problems
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