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 Old Drakkar Productions Interview

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Old Drakkar Productions Interview Empty
PostSubject: Old Drakkar Productions Interview   Old Drakkar Productions Interview EmptyFri 5 Jun - 17:25

Taken from "http://www.toroddfuglesteg.com/drakkar.htm" :

1. Drakkar Production has been around for a very long time. Please give us a brief biography. Why and when did you start Drakkar Production ? Why did you choose that name ?

DRAKKAR PRODUCTION was created during the summer of 1994. I wanted to create a pure Black Metal label. We have released during these five decadent years 20 tape releases and 8 CD releases. I have chosen the name of Drakkar Productions because I have been studying the nordic mythology during a lot of years. It can be considered like an odes to the great viking past and culture that was in my opinion a great way of life.

2. Please give us a list of your releases. Please present these releases for us.

So, let us start with the tape releases:
DK001 ANAON (FRA) "Tenvalijeen" Demo '96. Celtic Black Metal limited to 606 copies.
DK002 SETH (FRA) "Apocalyptic Desires" Rehearsal/Demo '96. Black Metal limited to 200 copies. Sold out. This band is considered as the worst traitors of the scene. It was a mistake for us to release this tape.
DK003 CELESTIA (FRA) "Evanscence" Demo 1 '97. Raw and extreme Black Metal. 200 copies.
DK004 MACHIAVAL (FRA) "Blood, honor and victory" Demo I '96. Primitive Black Metal limited to 300 copies. Sold Out.
DK005 FUNEREAL MOON (MEX) "Silent Night Of Fullmoon Shine" Demo II '95 Funereal Black Metal limited to 30 copies. Sold out.
DK006 OBSCURE DEMON (USA) "Crossroad To Hell" Deom III '97. Noisy, Satanic industrial. Limited to 200 copies. The most extreme satanic noise band. Like Abruptum.
DK007 HOLOCAUST (POL) "Our Kingdom" Demo III '97. Primitive Black Metal. Limited to 200 copies. Sold out.
DK008 ASMODEE (FRA) "Aequilanx" Demo '97. Brutal raw Black Metal limited to 600 copies.
DK009 SABNACK (USA) "Nefandus Pactum" Demo II '97. Old way Black Metal. Limited to 200 copies.
DK010 YAMATU (USA) Demo '98. Limited 100 copies. Occult Black Metal. With the soil bleed black member.
DK011 HIRILORN (FRA)/MERRIMACK (FRA) Split Demo '98. Black Metal limited to 300 copies. Sold out.
DK012 EVIL (BRA) "Revenge Of Iron And Thunder" Demo '98. Extreme Black Metal limited to 100 copies.
DK013 CELESTIA (FRA) "A Dying Out Ecstasy" Promo '98. Black Metal. Limited to 100 copies.
DK014 MALVELIANCE (FRA) "Eternal Domination" Tape LP '99. Black Metal. Limited to 300 copies.
DK015 COUNT NOSFERATU (FRA) "Soleil Noir" Demo II '99. Black Metal. Limited to 300 copies.
DK016 HELWETTI (FIN) "Unholy Extreme Black" Demo II '99. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
DK017 CELESTIA (FRA) "Under The Reign Of Terror And Tyranny" Live Tape '99. Limited to 100 copies.
DK018 GARWALL (FRA) "Inhumana Crudelitas" Demo II '99. Brutal Black Metal.

CD's releases.

DKCD001 MUTILATION (FRA) "Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood" CD '95. Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies. Sold out. The oldest Black Metal band from France, formed in '91.
DKCD002 TOLGEIST (FRA)/VLAD TEPES (FRA) "Black Legions Metal" Split CD '96. Extreme Black Metal. Limited to 975 copies. Sold out. Two of the most extreme bands from France. (see review somewhere else in this magazine -ed).
DKCD003 NAHASH (LIT) "Wellone Aerernitas" CD '97. Cold Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies. Sold out. (see review somewhere else in this magazine -ed).
DKCD004 ANAON (FRA) "Les Rites De Cromlech" MCD '98. Celtic and symphonic Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies.
DKCD005 HIRILORN (FRA) "Legends Of Evil And Eternal Death" CD '98. Epic Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies.
DKCD006 CELESTIA (FRA) "a Cave Full Of Bats" MCD '99. Fast and ethereal Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies.
DKCD007 WARLOGHE (FIN) "The First Possession" CD '99. Extreme Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies.
DKCD008 MUTILATION (FRA) "Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" CD '99. Limited to 1000 copies.
DKCD009 V/A "The Return Of Darkness And Hate" Compilation CD with unreleased tracks from Mutilation, Hirilorn, Count Nosferatu, Celestia, Merrimack, Yamatu��
DKCD010 YAMATU (USA) CD/LP '99. Out in December '99.

3. Do you have any other activities than the record label ? Please tell us more about these activities.

Yes, I also do a fanzine called Dark Philosophies. But I can't work on it for the moment because I do not have more time. I also play in CELESTIA.

4. It is a company in Germany called Drakkar Promotion. Is there any connections here ? What kind of problems has their name caused for your activities ?

No, we haven't any connections with this promotion agency. We haven't got any troubles with them.

5. Your label is keeping a much lower profile than other French underground labels like Season Of Mist and Osmose. What is your label profile and concept ?

The philosophy of DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS is totally different from the other labels. I don't run a label for making money like the other French labels. Our concept is to restore the flame of the underground. We don't sign bands for money. We have created a certain link with all our releases. It's a sort of trademark. All the DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS releases are linked.
Concerning Osmose Productions, I can tell you that it's the only respectable label in France. The guys of Osmose knows what is the true metal and they have some great bands like AngelCorpse. They have also a lot of shit of course, but remember that Osmose has released the first LP of Samael (R.I.P.) in 1987. It's for this reason that I cannot tell a bad word about them. Even if I don't work with them anymore. Season Of Mist is the worst label in France. They sign bands only for money. And they sign any kinds of music. Season Of Mist has no real label identity like Holy Records for example. Holy Records has it's own identity because they release only shitty bands. They have a certain logic. Holy is a very shitty label. It's sure that they sell a lot of coloured digipacks. It's for this reason that I consider the scene like a dead and ridiculous scene (I don't speak for the true underground scene).

6. Avignon is very famous in U.K. as the name of the village where the hilarious funny hit comic series "Allo 'allo" is based. Please tell us more about Avignon where your label is based.

Avignon is a little medieval city. But the city is surrounded by horrible cities full of immigrants. And it's very dangerous to walk in the streets of Avignon during the night. We have a lot of problems with the insecurity. Like all the southern south of France cities. In fact, our office is not in Avignon. We have only our PO box in Avignon. Our office is located in Nimes in a calm area.

7. What is the advantages and disadvantages being based in Avignon, France ?

There is no special advantages, but you have a lot of disadvantages. The climate is very hot. The metalheads are total stupid. The price for the flat is very high. The French economy is totally fading out. We have a lot of problems with the immigrants�.. In fact; I'll prefer living in Hell.

8. What is your view on the MP 3 revolution ? Do you regard this as threat to your livelihood ?

I don't care about MP 3. I prefer listening to old Bathory and Sodom LP's.

9. Do you have any websites or other Internet activities ?

We have this website.
I think that the Internet is a good way to communicate. But I don't like these fucking viruses who destroy your hard drive.

10. What is your future release plans and other plans for Drakkar Production ?

See question # 2. DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS will continue to release great stuff on limited edition for my own pleasure and for the pleasure for the true underground scene.

11. Anything you want to add to this interview ?

I would like to thank you for this interview and for your support for the true metal scene. Keep the flame of intolerance. Burn the false metal releases !!!!
You can contact us if you want. NO IRC needed, but IRC is welcome ! ASK for the biggest mail order catalogue of the underground scene.
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Old Drakkar Productions Interview
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