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 CELESTIA Interview - Mortem Zine

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CELESTIA Interview - Mortem Zine Empty
PostSubject: CELESTIA Interview - Mortem Zine   CELESTIA Interview - Mortem Zine EmptyThu 11 Jun - 14:21

Taken from Mortem Zine :

1. How you are writing at you pages, the first chapter of your band life just ended and the second, tragic is starting. How you, like the most entitled person, are judging this first period of your band?

The new chapter started in January 2008 when our new album was released. We had to take a certain distance and Celestia was almost dead. I’ve restructured the band and I recorded this new album alone. The first chapter is now closed.

2. The new album is just released and it is in real the comeback of Celestia to the underground field. I assume that the content of this album was created spontaneously during some years and it is not the result of the work in the last time. For example also the “Morbid Romance“ was at the preceding full length album. Could you adumbrate me which and how part of your life is expressed in “Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesis“?

This new album reflect an inner quest I’ve started back in 2002/2003. The composition of this album started in 2002 and it was finished in 2005. I’ve started to record the album in December 2005. It took a long time to be released but this delay was needed in order to have things put in the right direction. I was not able to find the creative energy to close this chapter. Doing one album mostly all alone is something very difficult. I think I’ve succeded on this, but next time, I want to go in studio with other skilled musicians. I will have then more time to focuss on the lyrics and other important details.

3. Malefic participated already at the EP. Get no clue when your cooperation stared, could you tell me more about this?

I was in touch with him for years and he always showed some interest in Celestia. I don’t really remember how he joined this recording but this was done naturally while we were exchanging emails.

4. Were you with Malefic during the recording process or you only communicate some another way? I know it was not the first cooperation, so that is why it is more interesting for me and in some way also more natural. I assume you are satisfied with this cooperation…

I’ve never had the chance to meet Malefic in person; our cooperation was done with exchanges of recordings via internet. And yes, I do believe we are both satisfied by this cooperation. At least I am.

5. Malefic´s influence and your new innovations lead to the more melodic and atmospheric dimension of your music. Also the production is better and the album is more complex. What is the origin of this change? Did your visions change?

Yes, Malefic added his own touch. But I think he did a brilliant job, coz he composed his part to have them fit with the Celestia music. He was able to adapt his style with our expectations. This cooperation was really positive. The production has to be improved since I was never really satisfied by the work of our previous incompetent “studio”. So, we tried something else and the result brings us entire satisfaction. I think we needed to have our own sound and thanks to Frederick Schock, we got the sound we wanted. We hope to be able to work with him again in the future, he is quite a genius!

6. The booklet of “Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesis” is interesting and full of information. Also the way of style is good. There is not so much dusk around you and I think it is very good.

Yes, we wanted to have a layout able to reflect our music perfectly. The layout artist did a brillant job as you have noticed.

7. There was a progress since that time when was Celestia established. Changes are connected also with logo. Maybe there was none at the beginning, later there was crabbed one and just now you have more pleasant. But at the last compilation you use the logo, which you already did not use. Was there any your personal motive for this? Which logo you prefer?

I do not prefer any particular Celestia logo, I am very uncomfortable with these logos, never satisfied like I am never satisfied by the music I compose. I must be a real pain in the ass for the people I am dealing with. But well, after all, I’ve seen worst logo than the one we used on the new album.

8. The progress is naturally connected also with your lyrics. Just in this time there is a big attention to the quality and depth of lyrics. There are bands, which choose the traditional way and another are going the way of metaphysics and another topics. What kind of story is telling Celestia at the albums and what is the last one?

This album reflect our rejection to this actual over populated decadent world. We refuse to be associated with this corrupted world. Our world will remain eternal since our philosophy is simple and sincere. We are pleased to live outside this world of abundance. Every single living piece of flesh can now pretend to be what he will never be able to be. Celestia is nothing, Celestia just represent our own philosophy. No pretentions of whatsoever. We refuse monotheist religions as we refuse to be associated with the world collapse. USA, EUROPE and now RUSSIA wish to control and abuse the entire planet. They want to create second rate citenzens in order to serve their own interests. I do not see nations as something able to respect high philosophical values. Everything is about profit and auto destruction. The planet is condemned.
Celestia is outside this collapsing world. We are the spectres of the noble past where white man had it own dignity. We are morality but we are not moralists. We are racists but we love differences. We are the abstract contrast between purity and decadence.

9. In the past you recorded a lot of splits and demos. It was a product of your huge inventiveness or you were only collecting the experiences? Did you want to make your credit? I am asking because I think that just these records (by so many bands) are shit…

Yes, we offer quite an extensive discography. Well things that have been done remains to the past, the first chapter. There’s few chances we’ll be a part of the underground anymore. We’ve spend maybe too much time and energy exploring these fields. This leaded us to some disapointments. We are septic when it comes to the fact that a real underground really exists. We are outdated in one sence. We are frustrated because we do not understand the actual world, internet, downloading, abusive bank loans, fast food cancer bringer industry, glorification of homosexuality, pills to loose weight, trans-sexual culture, religions, antifas, anti white racist organisation, niggerized rap music etc etc. This is things we don’t understand...

10. One of your split was with Czech bans Inferno. How you remember that time and what is your opinion about this band? They just released a new album, which is very successful.

We were not aware about this split. Sombrero records (R.I.P/RIP OFF !) was supposed to release our spectra EP. Two years after, we received some shitty quality split EP with one band we will never have done any split since we have nothing in common. Well this has been done about ten years ago and Marcel is dead now, so that’s cool. Good to hear that Inferno reached a good status with their last album. All hails to them !

11. Black metal is very often connected with Satanism. It is s true that Satanism was one of the first motives anyway like all the kinds of evil. And just the “evil” started to change across the time. At the beginning the “evil” was found in hell or on the Earth, in air or in the sky, than also in human. In which way are you understanding and perceiving the black metal? How could your fans understand you?

Celestia concept goes beyond pre-etablished religious concept. We consider Christianity, Islamism and Judaism more Evil than Satanism. At least these religions did much more damages than the entire so called Satanist Black Metal scene. From this persepective, Celestia cannot be linked with these political structures. We watch this decaying planet hidden and banished by everybody.
I am not able to spit on the people who are able to find their paths in the Satanist philosophy. In one sence, we could share many similar points of views. We deeply have respect who all who are opposed to religions and the world wide capitalist dictatorship. I fear that neither us or Satanist can change this world. We are too weak in front of this over populated planet. We just want to be put aside and live our own existence with our own principes and way of thinking. In fact, we do not represent a danger for anyone. Our intentions are not to seduce our „fans“ with our pestilential ideology. We are just pleased when people respect us and our music.

12. France has a huge underground scene and it is growing during the last years. I was asking these more than million times, but I am still interesting in it. What do you think are the most important positives of this power? I was told so many times about the quality of music and the dirtiness of human and human morality. Is there some peace of true?

France is the country of Europe who unfortunately suffers from every forms of excess. It is becoming more and more difficult to live in this country. We now have this “ghetto culture” over here. We have gangs of North Africans who rapes white girls and create civil wars. There is no future in this country. Our political system is totally corrupted. Our new president lied to us and he is leading France to Enslavement. But in one sense this raise positive aspect because I think that it’s in deep suffering that we can express and create the most beautiful things. At least when it comes to Black Metal. That’s why our scene has it own identity and quality. I will take the opportunity to mention what I consider as the best new French BM bands of today that I really recommend all of you to check out. Sacrificia Mortuorum, Dyster, Svartfell, Ciel Nocturne and Epheles but also Drakonhail Voqkrre and Anwynn.

13. One of the most important projects in Czech approved with respect is Mortifera. Neige not already the band member, maybe it could be an obstruction. Do you think there is any possibility that this project come back to the scene with some new songs and albums? How do you remember the birth of the work with Mortifera at their albums?

I’ve created Mortifera when we were not able to create anything for Celestia. We then found a certain harmony with Neige and two official recordings happened.
Neige left the Black metal world to focus only on homosexual gothic/post rock music. It was then impossible for me to see any further cooperation with this betrayer. I still don’t understand why today people still consider his projects like Black metal ones.
Maybe one day Mortifera will be resurrected who knows? But if you want my opinion, there are few chances this will happen.

14. You have experiences also with Peste Noire, which are colonizing the world very fast. They are just preparing the tour. What could you tell me about the people in this band? Are they the typical representatives of true black metal or they are not so strongly orthodox. Have you some information about the future of this band?

Peste noire decided to conquer the world like you said, they became a commercial and uninteresting band, and they forgot and betrayed Black metal values. I really regret to have collaborated with this band. About their future, I think they will split up soon enough. Here in France, in the core of the Black metal scene, they gained a very bad poser reputation; this will touch the entire planet soon I think.

15. I think Celestia is a very special band. Why? I am not able to make a worm's eye view. In some aspects it is very unique and in others it is crazy. In connection with this there appears an idea, if you did not think about using of some special language. I think French or English is not bad but this special element could move Celestia to the space of mysticism and elusiveness.

I’m glad you are not able to compare us with any other existing band. I think we have our own style, musically but also lyrically speaking. We don’t want to be trapped in this style, things are always under evolution in my mind.

16. We were speaking about the first chapter of Celestia, so it is the right time just now, to let you to evaluate the second and actual time…what are you expected and what about you hope? What already came to true?

We have been offered to tour in USA and Europe. So, we’ll prostitute ourselves on stage in 2008. I like the idea of traveling in the world of Celestia watching rotting mankind everywhere on this planet.

17. Thank you for your time and willingness, wish you all the best to the French… Forever.

Thank you for your interesting and uncommon questions. It was much appreciated. Boycott that must be boycotted.

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CELESTIA Interview - Mortem Zine
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