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 MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine)

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MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine) Empty
PostSubject: MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine)   MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine) EmptyWed 17 Jun - 13:52


Hail. I will not bother to question you about the time and place of Malefic Order's foundation, since such questions have lost its meaning due to the internet era. So for starters... What is Malefic Order or how do you see it? Just as a band or something more?

Hail. You're absolutely right. There is no purpose in classical questions. Malefic Order is an injector which injects a venomous virus to your souls. This virus is the perverted and the sick form of Black Metal. Malefic Order is a mediator which makes reaching of this virus easier. I've never thought Malefic Order as just a band. I humiliate all losers who think Black Metal is just music. If their aims are playing music and releasing albums, i can't understand why they don't try to play pop or alternative rock.

Malefic Order belongs (or has belonged) to TKM. What is TKM? What are its origins, purpose and current status?

In early days, TKM was a symbolic squad which contains Satanic Black Metal bands of Turkey. Now, it doesn't include Malefic Order and Devastation. The reason is a too long story and i don't want to explain. But i can just say that nowadays it turns to an unnecessary community which the bastards who were interested in pop music and alternative rock in recent date can join. That's the reason why the bands which protect the soul in early days of it aren’t with them now.

Your album Raging Evil Desekration is nowadays that, what De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was back in 1994, when it was released. It is one of the most powerful, aggressive and raw Black Metal I heard in years. It is rare to stumble upon such album. How did it come into being and how do you see it, when compared to other Black Metal releases nowadays?

It's normally you feel that. When i was composing the riffs i was influenced by De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. It would be a stupidity not to be influenced by such a masterpiece. I really think it's an excellent album. I don't want to compare Raging Evil Desecration with releases of nowadays. But, what about i'm sure the greatest difference is that we completely stuck to the origins of Black Metal. We don't struggle to add something new in it. We only want to protect its pure form and play on the way it deserves. And we are working on presenting it in aggressive music and perverted concept. It takes me only two weeks to complete the guitar parts of the first seven songs. I tried to prepare the song called Malefic Order as killer as it deserves to be the final track.

Raging Evil Desekration is a dedication to two godfathers of Black Metal - Dead and Euronymous. What do Dead and Euronymous mean to you?

Yeah, it was my opinion to dedicate the album to them. I remember an article that i read for the first time about MayheM. I was impressed and then i tried to learn more about MayheM. The realities that i learnt woke me up from a deep sleep. Until that time, i believed in that the rawest bands i had ever listened were Darkthrone or Beherit. But when i started to read Dead’s lyrics, suddenly my opinions started to change. These lyrics are so cold and the source of this coldness doesn’t come from the themes unnecessary like “snowy mountains of Norway” or “goat fucks human”. The themes that he imposes are real human fears. So deep thoughts that people always run away not to face them... The perverted ideas actually always in our mind but makes us fearful... Anyway, Euronymous is more important for me. With his thoughts and his music, he is definitely an idol. It is not necessary to meet him for knowing him completely. Listening to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is enough. The feelings he hide in his melodies are really deep and satanic. Nowadays, i look at Beherit or Darkthrone. The one is a mere wreck of its former self, the other decided to play black metal again after living like a clubber. When “which ones are true” is discussed, it is clear. I don’t want to talk about new one because Mayhem died in 1993. It isn’t Dead’s and Euronymous’ deaths which makes MayheM known. It is De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. It isn’t possible to find more impressive. The media which uses these deaths as a virtual agenda is the biggest thing wrongly familiarizes MayheM.

Are we to expect a new and similar assault from Malefic Order in form of Black Metal music? If something is already in development, tell us more about it...

Now, we’re trying to complete the songs of second full-length. But “Raging Evil Desekration is almost new. We don’t want to hurry up for the second one. Until we compose the most excellent riffs, our working will continue. Next album will speedier cos songs have blast drum parts. Our new drummer Nore is very successful and the speediest drummer of Turkey. But not like stupid Norsecore bands which play only blast style. Songs have technical parts, too. At that time, guitar parts colder and darker. We add some thrash metal parts in them so the songs will have smoother and rawer style. There will also be guitar solos in almost every song. We try to use bass guitar like having 3rd guitar in harmonic style. I have a great accord with Satanicasthrone. For the next album we live in same dimension. Lyrics are of course satanic but not will be written in classical way. We’re even searching and reading ancient civilization’s Satan figures and trying to find ones never written before. For example Funeral Winds successfully does it. You will come across some verses written in ancient languages. And i’m sure that it will impress you. Some song names; Morbid Devotion, A Blazing Fire, Under the Devil’s Throne and Orbital Revolution of Doom...

What is Black Metal to you?

Actually, you can find the answer in previous ones. Well, i’ll try to explain more. All objects we see are mortal in that fucking world. This isn’t limited to biological assets. Empire State Building may be demolished or Paris may be zone of flowage. All the things we think real are simple illusions. Anything condemned to vanish isn’t real. All flocks of humans in the world geared by temporary enthusiasms are unnecessary life forms that spend their lifetime for following these enthusiasms. People fill in the unknown things which cannot be explained with the fake faiths called God and religion. What’s this? It’s just deceiving themselves. Fool people couldn’t have reached to realty after millions of scientific researches yet. This is a pessimistic statement. Their inventions of which they’re proud are just bullshits for going on their lives. I think humans aren’t excellent, they’re rather aimless creations and must be exterminated. God is an imaginary creation. I want to burn severally all the temples and believers. I’m just sorry for the humans who believe that God will save them after death and take them to heaven. Satan is a handicap in front of all meaningless faiths that’s because i worship him. Do you know what will happen after death? The snakes and grave worms will nibble you below ground. This is the greatest reality of the world. Our souls will be left with pain in eternal dark blank. Whore angels and owner of all creation will sodomize themselves in peace in naff heaven. “What pleasures life may grant you, it will be robbed from you. What misery life brings you, it will always stay with you!” Moreover, you’ll face that you’re nothing. If you can’t stand the pain, your existence is meaningless. Because the pain is the best experience that you can live. You should be ready to face to face with it. I’ll be in this world until i prepare my soul for the war between the good and the evil. Then i’ll end my life by my own hands. It will make me approach the naff happiness and will leave me alone with the pain. I and warriors think like me will scream the hate against the God in darkness. And God will never establish dominance. Black Metal is the most extraordinary and the most realistic propaganda in the world which taught me and which provides me to teach.
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Number of posts : 9
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Registration date : 2009-05-20

MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine) Empty
PostSubject: Re: MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine)   MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine) EmptyWed 17 Jun - 13:53

Can acts of Black Metal exist only in music or does its meaning manifest beyond Black Metal's music, ideology and image?

Unfortunately, it is turned to commercial. When people are talking about Black Metal, they’re considering corpsepaint and charismatic images. Nowadays, what the whores of juvenile age want is just fucking with a band member. What a band member wants is looking charismatic. The scene turned to bullshit. But the assaults of Inner Circle had showed us that there’s an eternal hate lies beyond. The propaganda can do not only with music but also with activities. The moment i screamed “i am a Satanist” to Muslim metal listeners is a propaganda, too. I’ve seen the fear in their eyes. To do this music isn’t a necessary. Music likes a communication tool. You can do your personal assaults in a small area, but your music can spread all around the world. In that attribution, music is more effective than personal assaults if you do it on the way it should be. Today, if there weren’t labels like Nuclear Blast Black Metal would protect its evil concept until now. It is turned to one of ordinary rock music genres. They thought that they decreased the danger of Black Metal. The criminals are major labels and the trendy bands let them release their stuffs.
Origins of Black Metal started to occur in western parts of the world, it is hard for majority to imagine how Black Metal is being accepted in eastern parts of the world. Since you are from Turkey, a rather conservative country, are you persecuted by official authorities or Islam fanatics?

No, i wasn’t persecuted. Black Metal occurred in western parts yeah, but it is also extraordinary for people live in west. We have the same reaction as westerners. We are marginalized by them but i don’t even want to take part among them so i don’t care. If you play Black Metal you should accept this. If you can’t then you haven’t a strong spirit enough for playing Black Metal. The police operated against metalheads. Many people were interrogated including me. The reason of that interrogation was suicides of two rich cunts who believe in laveyan satanism. In every parts of the world media uses these opportunities to attract attention.

Are there any other Black Metal bands in Turkey beside Malefic Order?

Do not listen any bands in Turkey except to Devastation and Nihil Kaos. In this country, there are some sons of a bitch which answer interviews in journals and say Muslims also can p lay Black Metal like Moribund Oblivion. Everyday new Black Metal bands spawn but both musically and conceptually they don’t have that spirit. A country full of Muslim and NS bullshits...Except to them, there are some satanic bands full of meaningless lyrics and their concepts are ridiculous like new TKM.

Underground... Is it only an empty phrase or does it really exists in your opinion?

Underground is a subject that has been discussed since a while . Generally, some bands have never success call themselves underground black metal band and they think that they will be more effective. You release your propaganda cos you want it to reach people. That’s because i hate those sons of bitches that release their fucked demos limited to 10-15 and believe in that they’re underground like LLN. There are really rare people who understand Black Metal so it has a limit to spread. It means it is already underground. Creating a style under the name of “Underground Black Metal” is totally bullshit.

Many bands nowadays hide their pathetic attempts to c reate Black Metal by stating, that their works are religious. When does Black Metal really become "religious" (if it ever becomes for that matter)? When bands really believe in that, what they sing about or even practice that, what they sing about?

Thinking Black Metal as a religion is a big false. How can it be possible? The source of Black Metal is anti-religious, it is ridiculous that thinking that propaganda as a religion. They write aimless lyrics by predicated on their Christian background. There are some bands who advice to have respect to religions. They’re all fucking weak and chicken hearted. They try to change and make Black Metal ordinary life lover form. Your style can be different but its me aning is unique. The status when it firstly occurred is the purest status of it. Every band which isn’t in the vein of its origins is poser. Black Metal isn’t homogenous. You cannot perceive it as what you want.

National Socialism... It is a phrase that becomes frightening to a normal man when associated with World War II, holocaust,... Some bands implant such negative perspectives of that period of time to inject fear and disgust into hearts of man - classical example is Marduk. On the other hand, a lot of so called NSBM bands use National Socialism to glorify their own race, cultural adherence,... What is your opinion on using National Socialistic elements in Black Metal and your opinion on National Socialism in general?

Firstly, i must say that NSBM is nothing. Black Metal didn’t begin for carry on propaganda of a particular race on the contrary it supports end of the human race. I want to say that to all white asses who see their race magnificent: “You’re all children of a pathetic race which is coloured in white version from Adam and Eve. Your magnificent race condemned to feel the pain of death until their marrows. You’re also pathetic like the others and will die!” Political ideas can’t take a part in Black Metal because; all of them are the ideas which appear for someone’s benefit. Any point of view which supports life and continuing of human life can’t be used in Black Metal. Nazis may be proud of killing two millions people but communists killed six millions. They simply don’t have dominance on them. How grievous and disparaging for them. Black Metal supports all deaths, not dominance of a race. Black Metal wants to end of human race. Imbeciles who don’t have courage to mention about this must keep away from Black Metal!

There are three important factors in Black Metal - MUSIC and IDEOLOGY and IMAGE. How do you take into consideration of all those three when it comes to perform acts of Black Metal? Do know that by image I do not mean prancing around in "corpsepaint" while wearing some obscure "Black Metal" T-shirt, heh.

According to me, the most important part is ideology. If a band doesn’t set up a well-grounded ideology, Black Metal doesn’t look like attractive for them and it turns to an extraordinary band like Tiamat and Sepultra do. If you are keen on your ideology and you believe in it, your music also will be aggressive. People must feel that you’re mentioning about negative feelings when they listen to your music. Image mustn’t be thought as doing a good corpsepaint. It should reflect your spirit well. When you look at Dead’s photos you can clearly understand what it means. All these spontaneously happen related to your ideology.

When does man's life end? Is death the final thing or do you believe in life after death?

Human life will end after collision of Niburu, after ice age or plagues, may be. I don’t really give a fuck which one will be but i just want them to be as soon as possible. All the things mentioned about after death are just possibilities. If holy books are real, my fight will go on beyond the veil.

What does the following mean to you:

DEATH - Paradox

MISANTHROPY – Source of hate

BLACK METAL – Life style

SUICIDE – A mission

EVIL – Behaviour style

GOD – A Coker for fill in the blanks

SATAN – Magnificent idol

Black Metal is a movement that is stagnating. Thus, some people call out, that Black Metal needs to be developed into something new. Let that be the likes of Deathspell Omega's Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice or Blacklodge's Solarkult. Does Black Metal really need to develop into something new? If yes, to what degree? Since most changes in Black Metal usually end up with losing its meaning.

Ideological changing is not possible. May be you can present what you want to tell in different ways. It doesn’t matter. You can choose various themes like Occultism, Satanism, and Misanthropy etc. But the target and aim of Black Metal must stay same. I just laugh that some homosexuals explain their personal depressions as Depressive Black Metal like Shining.

If you were to commit suicide, how would you do it?

I would like to locate four great dynamites on the ground of Empire State Building. I would ascend the top floor and in rush hours i would explode them.

Last words you want to spit upon the worthless humanity...

Black Metal will absolutely win and you will all be exterminated cos it’s your unique destiny.

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MALEFIC ORDER INTERVIEW 2009 (luziferion zine)
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