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 King of internet black metal

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PostSubject: King of internet black metal   King of internet black metal EmptySun 28 Jun - 19:14

If Michael Jackson be the king of pop, I hereby knight Warharan of Moat as king of intertard black metals. He raised the bar in terms of ridiculous lyrics:

Quote :

History shall be changed forever
Thoughts of darkness won't leave his head
He leaves nothing for the better
Evil shall rule the land
So join him and take his hand
(The Knight’s Return)

So there’s this really evil knight dude, right? Probably all in black armour with red eyes glowing out of his shiny helmet and shit, and possibly a time-traveller as well according to the first nonsensical line. Sounds pretty kvlt, if not for the fact that he apparently minces about holding your hand while he commits all these badass knightly deeds. Thoughts of darkness won’t leave his head? Holding other men’s hands? What is he, an Aspie Gorgoroth fan or something?

And broke through the race barrier to show that the arabic races could make a vague approximation of black metal too.

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King of internet black metal
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