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 mister warpspirit

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PostSubject: mister warpspirit   mister warpspirit EmptyFri 31 Jul - 8:51

here is what we can read on NWN forum :

Warspirit on the Drakkar forum is a rip-off. We agreed on a (big) trade for a lot of pretty valueable items. He refused to send first (even though he was new to the forum). I knew something was up so I didn't send him my stuff until I received the stuff he sent me. The stuff never showed up and he's dodged all of my PMs & emails since.

H. Drehfelt
Ringweg 67
24340 Windeby

This is his address (should any of you trade with the guy). Does anyone know his alternate usernames on other forums?
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mister warpspirit
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