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 Twilight distribution GERMANY

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PostSubject: Twilight distribution GERMANY   Twilight distribution GERMANY EmptyFri 4 Dec - 14:49

A very bad experience with them to say the least...

I advice all labels to not work with this company. The first months, they were paying the invoices and they ordered larger stocks, since they were paying, we sent them more stock but when they had enough, they stopped all payments.

We had to wait almost 3 years to have all our invoices "payed".
In fact they never payed our invoices and we were forced to take stock from them.

It was one of the worst experience we ever have with one distributor and I really advice all labels do not deal with these rats !

This company is also runned by antifas punks who are trying to do their justice in the Metal scene. They boycott some bands considered by them as "politically incorrect". But since when the metal music is supposed to be politicaly correct ?

You have been warned.
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Twilight distribution GERMANY
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