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PostSubject: Orthanc   Orthanc EmptySat 18 Feb - 0:29

Recently i obtained the whole discography of the french black metal band Orthanc very cheap in some german forum. I was really surprised how good their music is and that i never heard from them before.
Especially their most recent output "L'Amorce Du Déclin" is one hell of an album. Concerning to the photos in the CD booklets the guys are fans of bands like Seigneur Voland and Kristallnacht, from which they covered "A strife ... a victory".

So besides the urge to present the band to those who don't know it (or am i living under a stone and they are known already?) i also wanted to ask around if anyone has any interviews or other infos about them as i found next to nothing on the internet.

Here is a sound excerpt of "L'amorce du déclin":

judge for yourself, but in my eyes they are one of the better bands from France and also sound very french, aswell as inspired by Celestia or Mortifera as i think to hear a very simmilar guitar distortion and riffing. Also their vocals slightly point in the way of the above mentioned groupes.
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