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 CELESTIA Interview - Beyond The Dark Horizon

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CELESTIA Interview - Beyond The Dark Horizon Empty
PostSubject: CELESTIA Interview - Beyond The Dark Horizon   CELESTIA Interview - Beyond The Dark Horizon EmptyThu 11 Jun - 14:14

Taken from Beyond The Dark Horizon :

Blissfulviolet: You began Celestia as a project back in 1995 with a means to create unique and innovative melancholic black metal, compared to the style that was in the black metal genre during this time period. How was your project looked upon when you first started and can you describe the 'typical sound' that was coming out of the black metal genre during this time?

Noktu: Celestia sound at this time was harsh and raw. It's hard to compare with our nowadays sound. Not much to say about this in fact.

Blissfulviolet: Celestia released a few demo tapes and
shortly after gained a decent reputation as an original band
coming from Europe. What comes to mind when thinking of
these early demo tapes and how much would you say you
invested time-wise into your project to get it recognized?

Noktu: We were not really looking for recognition; maybe
that's why we were recognized in the end. Some of our old
demo tapes weren't that good when I think about it, but well,
after all, they were just demos. I only try to pay attention to
our official albums; they are without doubts our best releases.

Blissfulviolet: Your first album, Apparitia-Sumptuous
Spectre was said to have had an improper mix and you
eventually put Celestia on hold after. What are your thoughts
on this subject and how did you keep busy during the time
that Celestia was inactive?

Noktu: Yes, I will never be satisfied by the sound of this
album. I made the wrong choice choosing this studio, but well,
this belongs to the past now. I believe that everybody makes mistakes. It was not really because of this that Celestia reached the inactive status, maybe due to line-up issues and a lack of inspiration. I thought that Celestia had reached the end of its existence, but after firing the whole line-up, I was feeling better and the whole thing started once again. It's like having a state with too much unwelcome immigrants, you
kick them out and all is better.

Blissfulviolet: With it now being 2008, it's great to see that you have brought Celestia back and with a new album. What sparked your interest to return?

Noktu: Not really an interest, but more of a need to come back and vomit what was inside me. Black Metal is like a catharsis, a way to express inexpressible feelings. When this negative spectre is running into your veins, it's difficult to abandon everything. I often considered quitting this whole process, but I've failed and I am still here today.

Blissfulviolet: Tell us about your latest release, 'Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis.' What inspired this album and what is the significance behind the title?

Noktu: Those who purchased the album could have understood a bit more about its meaning. I've explained the process inside the booklet. But I wonder if I was clear enough with what I have said…

Blissfulviolet: For those who recall your earlier releases, how would you say this new album differs, sound wise?

Noktu: The new album is our best release so far, at all
levels, including sound wise. The most mature
compositions. If you have to choose between some
Celestia releases, pick up this one!

Blissfulviolet: How did the recording process for this
particular album go?

Noktu: It was a hard time since I've recorded
everything myself, except the drums. I don't know if I'll
be able to do this another time. I am planning to use a
full line-up if we'll have to record something else in the

Blissfulviolet: As for your lyrics, considering that you are French, do you usually write in French and then translate…how does the writing process work for you?

Noktu: No, I write in English or French, I do not do any translation. I am afraid to loose the sense of what I mean with translations. Writing process is hard to define, this usually happens like spasms or impulsions. Most of the time during long nights where sleeping reveal to be a very hard task.

Blissfulviolet: The entire visual presentation and sound of Celestia reminds me of another world, ancient spirits and what not...you also have used the term 'Apparitta' frequently. What are your most inner thoughts on ghosts and the afterlife?

Noktu: My thoughts about this are expressed in my lyrics and when you enter into my world, you can think that ghosts exist. At least they exist in my own world, far from your over populated cities.

Blissfulviolet: I've read that you used to live in an 18th century castle. Did you ever experience any paranormal encounters and did living in such an environment play a role in inspiring your work further?

Noktu: My own existence is already a paranormal abstraction. Living in such a place brings inspiration. The result can be witnessed on all Celestia releases. As a matter of fact, I do believe that living in a particular environment can change your way of perception.

Blissfulviolet: I noticed that Celestia will be performing live
soon. How would you describe the live experience for those
who have never seen a Celestia performance?

Noktu: I don't know since it will be a total new line-up and I
really have no idea of how this will sound. But if you like our
music, you should enjoy our theatrical ethereal macabre

Blissfulviolet: Black metal has come a long way and is now
getting more attention in the United States. What are your
thoughts on this and on the current black metal scene?

Noktu: The best real Black Metal is in France only. The rest
is just parody, except few exceptions such as Xasthur or
Leviathan. But if you call bands such as Nachtmystium Black
Metal, you are making a big mistake. Putting my usual pessimistic views aside, I am sure that there must be intelligent and talented form of life in the USA.

Blissfulviolet: Speaking of Xasthur, Malefic joined Celestia to perform keyboards on your latest album. How did the idea for him to get involved with Celestia come about?

Noktu: We have been in touch for years and this happened naturally. The collaboration was quite positive.

Blissfulviolet: Will Malefic continue to contribute or possibly join Celestia?

Noktu: I cannot tell you more about this since we haven't talked about a possible collaboration so far. We'll see.

Blissfulviolet: You used to be part of Mortifera and a few other bands. Are you currently working on any other projects other then Celestia?

Noktu: No other projects at the moment. I am fully focused on Celestia.

Blissfulviolet: What should Celestia fans be on the look out for in the near future?

Noktu: Hmm… I think there is good chance we'll be touring over the states, so if we have "fans" there I think they should be pleased to hear such news. We started to work on a new album as well. I really don't know when this one will be finished, but I am quite optimist about this upcoming opus.

Blissfulviolet: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, any final comments?

Noktu: Thank you for the interview.
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CELESTIA Interview - Beyond The Dark Horizon
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