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 Interview Celestia - Celtmik Metal Zine

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Interview Celestia - Celtmik Metal Zine Empty
PostSubject: Interview Celestia - Celtmik Metal Zine   Interview Celestia - Celtmik Metal Zine EmptySun 26 Jun - 17:27

Taken from Celtmik Metal Zine :

2007 will see the return of CELESTIA after almost 5 years of inactivity! And for its come back the band is going to release this year its second album "Frigiidis Apostheosia - génèse de l'abstinence", the successor of the excellent "Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre". It was a good opportunity to contact Noktu in order to get the reasons of this long absence, some informations about the new album and many other things.

Hails Noktu! Nice to finally hear again from CELESTIA! What have you done since 2002?

Many things in fact but we needed to take a certain distance from CELESTIA. A certain lack of inspiration. A restructuration of the project. Meanwhile, I did some recordings for other musical projects of mine. I also worked a lot for my label. I had very few time to sleep.

Before talking about the forthcoming album, let's talk about "Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre". This album was originally released through Full Moon Productons 4 years agao. Last year the Italian label A.T.M.F. has re-released this opus in a splendid digibook with a remastered version; and this year Paragon Records will release the third version! Are you an eternal unsatisfied?

Yes, I tend to think that we can always improve things. But I also think that we have to move forward and forget the past mistakes. I never really liked the sound of the first version of "Apparitia SS". We did our best to have a better sound for the new edition and I think this will be the ultimate version of this album. The digipack version was released by Paragon Records the 13th of January 2007. This digipack version will be sold only in America. The digibook version is to be sold for the rest of the world except America. Both versions are limited and during the year, regular CD's will be published. At the moment, both versions are still available, I think that we can take in consideration that each layout is totally different.

CELESTIA is going to release its second full-length album! Can you divulge some informations to us? What can we expect? What can you say to CELESTIA's fan and on the other hand to an uninitiated?

"Frigidiis Apostheosia - Génèse de l'abstinence" will be the title of this new opus. I recorded this album with Astrelya on drums during winter 2005/2006. The producer of the album is actually working on the last details of the mix. We expect to have this album released before the summer of 2007. I think this is the CELESTIA recording so far. Best tracks, best sound. An almost perfect release to my eyes. Musically this album sounds like CELESTIA. It's now harder to compare CELESTIA music with other existing bands.

Before the release of this album, Drakkar Productions will unleash a demo tape "Delhÿs - Cätess" (announced to be the prelude to the album). As you're the man behind this label, why not releasing the album as well? Drakkar has already released several CELESTIA demos but no albums.

Drakkar Productions will not release this demo. Another new label is taking care of that. But Drakkar Productions will officially and exclusively distribute and promote this prelude demo. People seems to not understand why I preferred to sign with foreign labels. In fact, I like to make the difference between my job and my musical activity. It's two different things.

CELESTIA has a unique style in the Black Metal scene, musically as well as for the visual. How could you describe your universe? Which bands gave you the desire to create CELESTIA?

In fact CELESTIA was created to illustrate inner feelings of my own person. All was chaotic at the first place and little by little the concept took its final form. There is no band who really influenced me musically. I learned to play all the instruments by myself, not because I tried to copy/paste riffs from other bands. I can hardly play other style of music than Black Metal with my guitar. I am also playing drums for my own pleasure.

A few words about your experience with the controversial Polish label Agonia Records?

The reputation they built with years is true. They are just the biggest rip off label I had the displeasure to deal with. Today, they are still bootlegging the CELESTIA "Dead Insecta Sequestration" CD. This, without our authorisation. We never got anything from them.

Will we have the opportunity to see CELESTIA on stage in 2007?

We got several invitations. There was question about a tour in Australia but I don't think we will be able to accept this offer. I think it will be more suitable to do a tour in Europe. We have also been invited for that. More details when the time will come.

Now, I would like to know a bit more about the future of MORTIFERA. Was it only a manner to leave the CELESTIA's universe? Or MORTIFERA has to be preceived as a full-fledged band that will release more stuff in the future?

MORTIFERA was another face of the prism. At the moment, I do not know if I will continue with this project or not. Neige was fired of MORTIFERA. It's amusing to see him pretending he left the band. Hahaha why musicians have so much difficulties to accepte they have simply be fired? It's weird, don't you think?

Can you talk to me about your collabaoration with Satanic Tyrant Werwolf for the song "Chronicles of thy astral blood" (SATANIC WARMASTER's "...Of the night")? Is there a friendship between S.W. and CELESTIA? What do you think about the very prolific Finnish Black Metal scene with bands such as S.W., ARCHGOAT, UNCREATION'S DAWN, BAPTISM...?

Yes, I have good relation with SATANIC WARMASTER. I like some riffs of BAPTISM but it's a bit repetitive. I don't really appreciate the music of ARCHGOAT and I think they got many attention because they are an old band. Plus the members behind this band are not even involved into Black Metal. They are more into punk/crust. So they resurrected this band to get money and do tours. At least from what I have heard. If this is real, then, I think it is really pathetic. As for UNCREATION'S DAWN, well, it's not really my cup of tea. Generally Finnish scene is good. Even if I think that no bands are better than WARLOGHE.

Lots of people worship the "Black Legions". Are you homesick of this period? Are you still in touch with guys from VLAD TEPES, MUTIILATION, TORGEIST...?

Yes, since ten years I have to answer stupid questions about the Black Legions. Well, I am very tired of that. This movement, who have all my respect, is defunct now. So, no need to ask me if I got news of VLAD TEPES or whatever.

Your point of view about the present French Black Metal scene! It seems that CELESTIA has nothing to do with it.

There is one or two bands I can really listen but all the rest doesn't really interest me. I think that one of the best band from France is DARVULIA. I expect a lot from the new project of Shaxul. All the rest is pretentious trendy money making metal. They know who they are.

Before ending this interview, a question that I like to ask! Tell me your favourite releases of all time. Your favourite recent releases or bands.

Top 5:




4/SIGH All

5/SABBAT (Jap) All

More or less those are my fave metal bands.

Ok Noktu, thanks for your time. I wish you a good continuation with CELESTIA and Drakkar Productions!

Thanks to you for this interview.

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Interview Celestia - Celtmik Metal Zine
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