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 CELESTIA Interview - Frostkamp Zine

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CELESTIA Interview - Frostkamp Zine Empty
PostSubject: CELESTIA Interview - Frostkamp Zine   CELESTIA Interview - Frostkamp Zine EmptyThu 11 Jun - 13:41

Taken from Frostkamp Zine :

Salut Noctu,there has been a long silence at the ranks of Celestia,so can you enlighten us more about the current situation of the band?Any new members,or any new songs to curse this conformist world of 21th century?

Greetings. Yes, this project has been put under ice for a certain time. We had problems with our previous guitar player that we had to deal with. After months of thinking, we concluded that the only suitable option was to fire him. We did that for the pleasure of many of our friends and we felt like we were delivered from a curse after his departure. We were feeling comfortable enough to start the recording of the new album. I took care of all the guitar work this time and am very satisfied of the whole result. There’s no new members at the moment, only remains myself and Astrelya. Expect to hear more about Celestia in 2006 since some releases will appear during this year. No free publicity. Those interested enough will find by themselves.

Black metal and its ideology is sourced upon views of anti-ecclesiastic fanaticism, with some bands now focusing on the religion of their ancient forefathers and making the concept more near to Nsbm. Is Celestia can be out close to any anti-ecclesiastic or Paganic Nsbm ideology?

Actually Celetsia has always had something more than “Hail Lucifer” or any other pseudo world ideology…Like the other dogmatic issuses,the pigshit called satanism is also disgusting me,which is the religion of the idiot weaks…
Indeed. It seems that the sheep who pretend to be into this Black Metal movement are lost nowadays. Their weakness leads them to let their minds wanders in the paths of ignorance. That’s why they need to find idols. Most of the time, they are not even able to give a coherent explanation about their own ideology. They just use symbols that others used before, without being able to explain why they choose to follow this. Black Metal appears nowadays as a vast maelstrom of ignorance mixed by the most disgusting form of vulgarity. A reflection of our rotting society in some way. Pretending to be into the Black metal scene is not enough to have their own identity and credibility. They are victims of the system. Too many labels, too many bands, too much of everything. Celestia’s ideology hasen’t changed since 1995. We will remain outside all form of vulgarity.Celestia is the only true pure Black Metal.

What about political black metal?

Some people need to find subjects to illustrate their weak musical skills. That’s why, using NSBM or Religious BM icons give them the feeling to be more credible to the human mass.Black Metal is naturally against ALL forms of religious dogmas. Those who sing about burning churches nowadays lack inspiration I think. As myself I would prefer to burn a a shitagogue rather than burning an old church or cathedral. Let’s say that this is purely an esthetic choice.

Related with the previous question,can we construct any kind of ideologic paradigm between the music of Celestia and your ideologic and politic approach to real life?

Of course, we have our own ideas and I believe that our music and concept speak for itself. I do not see why I’ll have to give a definition to our music in interviews. Facts speak enough I think.

Celestia is generally put himself somewhere away from todays degenerated b-LACK metal scene which is turned into a kind of kindergarten.Why?What are your very own views about nowadays scene?

Why would we have to be close to those people ? This will only bring high inconveniences.There’s still interesting bands here and there. But most of the nowadays scene is garbage. There’s a way too much of labels who produce only stupid bands. This is way too much I think.

So, what can you say about classification of the listener calibre made by some on black metal,is it true?

As a matter of fact Black Metal is a music for white people. For what I know there’s no Black Metal bands in Africa. This is not their culture. They have their own culture and they even play music for what I had the displeasure to hear. Kindda boom boom sound while they are dancing in the most vulgar way. Some people might enjoy the primitive approach of this exploitation of sound. I think that Black Metal must have a certain connection with our own culture, at least the culture the nowadays jewish world try to impose to humanity.In france, we also have a kind of MTV channel called “Black MTV”. On this channel you can only hear colored people music. So, society even without being conscient of what they are doing are creating frontiers between races. This is seen under a general point of view, there’s always exceptions of course. Asian countries for example. Their culture cannot be compared with the europeean one. I think that racial intregration is perfectly possible in Europe for those able to be integrated. After that, there’s some unwelcomed guests that I would prefer to see in their native african trees than here raping our civilized principles.

Do you think that the seasons have inspirations/influences on you? I mean can you say that you are more creative or active in an exact season? In winter for an illustration?

Yes, this can have a slight influence, it’s really difficult to play Black Metal during summer time, especially in the south of France.

You rarely performed live,which i appreciate a lot. It seems that it is quite hard for some musicians (rockstar wanna-be s indeed) to understand that some sacred veins of metal music that oriented in dark arts are not suitable for live performances.Nobody has to play live in front of high school girls or wanna-be gays for some more “joy” that is oriented in “hippie” culture or some more money. I’m always against live performances particularly regarding Black Metal and the other atmospheric styles. So, what can you say about it,talking about your own reasons to not to play live?

We used to play live and most of the time it was not really good experiences, but I can recall good moments when we played under certain circumstances like private concert in high class cabaret. But 90% of th time, the live shows were awful. I share your point of view about the kind of audience you can usually find during metal shows but I tend to believe that Celestia is offering something that will not attract people who are going to shows to party.

Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children?

No, I am not married. It’s true, someone who has children will not have the same creativity than someone isolated who will have all his time to create.

What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?

There are too many bands I really hate. Darkthrone, Mayhem, Satyricon, Dissection, Graveland, Carpathian Forest, Bathory, Slayer, Venom, Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Blasphemy, Entombed, Beherit, Emperor etc etc…
Thank you Noctu,for honouring the pages of Frost Magazine . Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!
I do not admire any man sorry.
Thanxs for the interview.
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CELESTIA Interview - Frostkamp Zine
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