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 FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009

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FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009 Empty
PostSubject: FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009   FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009 EmptySat 9 Jan - 19:17

1-Greetings Graf Von Feigur, can you tell us a little about the birth of Feigur and what it means?

Hello to you and thanks a lot for this interview. I star­ted Feigur back in December 2007. At this point I was mostly listening to atmospheric ambient/black metal stuff and I wanted to experiment new kind of sono­rities and music in a parallel way than my other dark ambient project (D.A.V.). At the beginning Feigur was just meant to stay something that I wouldn’t share outside of my friend circle, as a very personal gathering of experiments. At this time I was in touch with a very few people in the scene as I was discovering it all by myself and with the help of my fellow D.A.V. band members as our place is very isolated from the metal scene (which is definitely not a bad thing). The idea to release my first opus came when I sent a track from « I, Pestilence » to a certain label, who immediately told me that this should be released…

2-Have you ever had any other bands/projects?

I seriously began to be involved in musical projects in 2005 with Dementia Ad Vitam. In 2008 was asked by some people to help them in their task for some various projects I’m not going to name, -maybe be­cause these special ones didn’t even know how to make music... Actually The active projects I’m a part of are Dementia Ad Vitam (Whose upcoming album is finished), Celestia, that I’m helping from time to time on live performances, Angest Herre, and another pro­jects which is not important for people to know neither the names nor that I’m a part of it...

3-Did you intend for Feigur to be a one man band or is it something that came to be for other reasons? Can you clarify this?

Definitely, Feigur was created because I wanted to control everything around it, from A to Z. All of this is like a big concept, and I don’t see Feigur as a musical project. Feigur can be watched like imagery, read as literature, heard like sounds, and felt like a cold breeze. This is something I try to keep very complete for the individual and close to any approach. In the upcoming album, I asked P. from the O.T.E. to read a poem on a track. An Austrian friend appears as a guest too, for me to explore her native language. The O.T.E. is an organization to be supported in the act and spirit.

4-Does living in the Alps inspire the depressive approach to your music? Or is it engraved in your soul regardless of where you are?

Where I live is more like a half-rural middle sized city (this is not the mountain-and-snow Alps like you imagine). I think that a calm place is better for mesmerizing your energy and exploit everything in the writing of your music. This is a better place for experimentations, atmospheric music… And it explains why we are not either polluted by any basic show-off metal music. I think that this is more or less a matter of trisomic beings hanging around for their dose of beer, needing their pig-brained brutality without any explanation. I DO support brutality, when this is needed and justified. Not the compulsive one for little brains and suburban Allah worshippers…

5-Is the video for «Forêts de Brume» made close to where you live?

This imagery was actually taken in a place close to my house. A place full of energy that I use to visit a lot.

6-Are you satisfied with the result of the video, do you think it transmits what you intended it to?

This video is a direct translation of the Feigur concept -a dip­tych of image and sound. On the future I will only experiment the imagery part of Feigur with photographies, you can ac­tually watch some at www.feigur.tk .

7-Can you tell us about the new album «Desolation» sche­duled for release in December through Apparitia Recor­dings?

“II, Desolation” is in the evolution of the “I, Pestilence”, as it starts when the first opus stopped. As I like to experiment, the vocal style and even musical style is changing throughout the album. You also have to expect something different in the future, as the trilogy I had planned was meant to evolve. Regarding the production, I’ve been working for more than a year and a half on this album, and now that everything is finished, I’m close to the sound that I wanted to reach at the origins of Feigur. You have a direct preview with the track Posthumous Remorse available online.

8-Can we expect a re-edition of your first album «I, Pestilence»?

This is something in my mind, yes.

9-And concerning live shows, are you planning any for the future?

I recently stated that I am searching for musicians for a few live shows in Paris. At the moment I am not satisfied by this project so this is somehow on ice. Let’s see if I find the good beings at the good moment… People are still free to contact me.

10-What about the Philosophy of the band, why do you say «The art of Feigur is a Hymn to self destruction? Can you clarify that?

The global philosophy of all the projects which I’m at the origin is similar. Feigur is a kind of legacy that will live in its first form through a trilogy of offerings. This trilogy is a whole concept based on the human self-inflicted death process; from the thoughts and origins to the graphical decom­position of the human body. I do not intend to qualify Feigur as some “Suicidal Black Art” or ano­ther shitty etiquette. (I wasn’t allowed to control the image of my project on the first release, this label objectives turned out to be more lucrative than creative). I am not inciting any jerk to cut his wrist, just to contemplate this travel like a big picture. This is in the same meaning of what Gregor Schneider wanted to do by literally exposing the passage from the livings to death…

11-Do you believe in any transcendental forces and is death the end?

The term “forces” is exactly fitting into my conception of spirituality. I’ve been through several expe­riences with some very strongly polarized forces, all of this depending on the place you’re wandering in and your personal openness. I don’t believe in live after death, as a force is not among the livings anymore. In some way, I see death as a start. This is when the corpse is rotten that the rest can brea­the.

12-How do you think this transformation in Black Metal occurred to create a genre of depressive Black Metal bands, and what do you think of the term Suicidal Black Metal?

Depressive Black Metal, Suicidal Black Metal… It’s up to people to call it how they want, but I really don’t think that you can summarize a whole band universe into just 3 words (Maybe these special Anti-Parisian-Black-Metal-Scene 3 fingered depressive dummies, who were curiously playing in Paris this month, can?) Giving etiquettes is a matter of tri-nity(-somia) maybe…

13-Is playing depressive music cathartic to you or do you feel that it’s just another step to the grave? What do you feel when you listen to your own music?

Feigur is more like a self therapy for the listener; if he’s mentally deranged, I hope to give him the idea that he’s not alone. I don’t have the time and energy to listen to my own music very much, and I prefer to discover other projects/sonorities. Feigur is my universe, and contemplating yourself is more or less a result of narcissism, loss of time and interests.

14-Any last message you would like to leave us with?

I’d like to thank you very much for your investigation inside the scene and getting in touch for this interview. Good luck for you as well for the God is Dead zine.
Sieg Hölle !
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PostSubject: Re: FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009   FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009 EmptyTue 28 Sep - 3:00

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FEIGUR Interview - God Is Dead Zine - November 2009
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